My first day(s) on Roca Labs…

After reading this, please write back if you are interested in hearing about more days on this gunk.

This story begins a few weeks back when I was researching surgeries for weight loss.  My friend, Chris, had it done in August and has lost 90 pounds!  He will be visiting this blog to leave his comments and thoughts.  I found this “new” method available now in the United States since January and went on an all out search for information before paying about $500.

I found a vitamin site that had 52 comments about this and I added my own comments that I would try it and report back.  Well…….. by coincidence, this information on the site was shut down the day after I posted.  I will share more details about this subject as this blog continues.
You will have to go to the Labs site on your own to read up on everything there is to know about this gunk, goop, or how they title it….. Formula.  All you have to do is search Roca Labs.   Depending on my mood I will use any of these things to describe it, including, “stuff”.   
I have been fighting this war with weight for years and have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Adkins, South Beach, diet pills, etc. etc. etc.  I have not tried surgery, but as mentioned at the start Chris has, with fantastic results.
Once I spoke about it, another friend’s comment was…. “There is no way this would work….and if it did, it would quickly become the Holy Grail of Weight Loss.”
I received the box.  When I picked it up from outside my first thought was “it’s heavier then I thought it would be.”  And then as I brought it inside I noticed a HUGE black bug on the top of the box.  I think I looked extremely silly as I walked through the living room clobbering the box 3 or 4 times, all the while trying to not drop the box and also make sure the bug did not take up residence in my home.  I swear…I can’t make this stuff up!  I said to myself….”shit.  I hope this in not an omen to how this is going to work for me.  If it is, this stuff is going to SUCK.”
Let me go back and speak of the ordering phase of this stuff.  I have checked out their site often and sometimes a notice shows up that says, “SOLD OUT – please try back in 10 days.  (or 5 days or 3 days…)  I am not sure how much I believe this.  Everyone knows you are more likely to want something if you can’t get it.  I ordered this past Sunday and received it today…. Thursday, April 7, 2011. 
When you order, if you include your health insurance company, they discount the formula 20%.  In my opinion, everyone gets this discount no matter what, since I filled in “other” (It wasn’t on the list of 50 or 60 companies) and they didn’t come back with wanting to know WHICH one I had.  BTW…. Connecticare.  The total bill was $440 – I paid with Paypal.
I noticed the packaging when I opened the box.  Pretty lavender tissue paper, flavorings in a nice pouch with ribbon to pull it shut, around 24 packets of flavorings, crystal light mix, a container to measure and mix The Holy Grail of weight loss, a container to keep fresh what you haven’t mixed yet, and what else?  Oh yes…. 6 pages of instructions that you are asked to read over three times before starting.  With a lot of things in life, I do as I am told, so I reread often….only cheating slightly.  When I did cheat in the reading it was only because I was anxious to mix the stuff together and try it already.
So here we are…
I will go get it prepared and try it!  See you back here in about an hour, I think.
Oh my.  NOT good news.  I decided to prepare it with the procedure to turn it into a solid rather then drink it as a liquid.  I used a spoon and this gunk was GROSS.  Think a pudding consistency with a flavor of cough medicine.  I used mostly water and a cup or so of Juicy Juice.  The instructions say to shake vigorously and let stand 3 minutes.  I decided to use the solid form since the instructions say results are better this way.  Well………..  the results will suck if I can’t get the stuff down my throat.
It took me more then 15 minutes to eat/drink the full 300ml.  I finally had to add more water and juice to the concoction in order to get it all down.  I am not going to throw in the towel yet, but I just won’t use the solid way of having it anytime soon.
Now I am off to my first meal since using this formula.  I am going to be with Chris so we will probably share a meal.
I’m home.  I had three LARGE glasses of water with lemon during dinner.  This surprised me since I usually find it difficult to drink that much.  (Like when I was on Weight Watchers, they suggested eight glasses a day, and I always had trouble getting in all of them.)  I actually felt thirsty during the evening.  Chris and I ordered a burger and we split it.  I also had a side salad, and lots of potato chips, very salty.
I am off to sleep soon.  For the first time in a long time, I don’t think I am going to eat anymore tonight.  (This sentence can only be verified tomorrow when I write.)  I am a middle of the night snacker and have been known to devour a sleeve of girl scout cookies, or 4 packets of fruit snacks, or a LARGE slice of Entamenns (sp?) Raspberry crumbcake…..Wish me luck!
Ps.  My weight is 185.  Chris, he’ll come up a lot here so remember he is the one who went the surgery route, always jokes about the BMI charts and me.  He says…. “Look Kath, the chart doesn’t say you are overweight.”   Long pause as a grin takes over his face ……then  “It says you are obese.”   Smile Smile…Chuckle Chuckle…. I love this guy!
Update:  Above was written back before the summer.  It is now the end of September and I am going onto my third try at losing weight with the formula.  I hope this attempt will be better then the other two attempts.  I think I am more ready to drink/eat the formula and drink the water I need to drink to be successful.  I will keep you all up to date. 
My weight is 189 right now and the frustration and sadness I have is out of control.  I am fast approaching that sickening and horrible weight of 200.  Since I don’t want that I will try harder with Roca Labs and follow their instructions to the tee.  Wish me luck!!!

About Kathy

Hello Everyone! I am 47 years old and I live in West Hartford, Connecticut. I was married for 7 years back in '95. Unfortunately, my husband, Will, died of cancer in '02. I do not have children. Like most of you, I have been battling weight issues since childhood. I am definitely a fan of WW and Jenny Craig. My thoughts as I begin this site is whether this "diet" by Roca Labs can help get over the speed bumps that sometimes feel more like those big square curbs or even several large boulders....
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16 Responses to My first day(s) on Roca Labs…

  1. Laurie says:

    Kathy – excited to hear all the details about this . I hope it is the “holy grail”. Will pass on the info. to others. Good luck.

  2. Rob says:

    It’s been a couple more weeks… Are you still using the product? are you still losing?

  3. Kathy says:

    unfortantely I am not being successful on this “diet”. I won’t trash it just yet…. but it is obvious I am one of the 5% of people that do not have success. (The company boasts a 95% success rate on their site.)

    I used it everyday for 3 weeks and found I lost the first week, but then stayed the same (or gained!) the next week. In the last week I have put it aside most days, but I am going to try again.

  4. Jenn says:

    Hi Kath
    I Got my Box today . It was nice tissue paper and small pckgs like you. Hoping this works because summer is almost here and so far I am not strong enough to stop eating .
    I am over 35 pounds and will see if the stuff works. Hope it does and like you say I do not want to get paid, I want to share if this works I just want to help and give honest opinion to other girls out there.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Jenn,
      Thanks so much for joining me on this site to report in to others without getting paid to do it. You have motivated me to try again starting tomorrow morning and use it everday for a week. If you feel like it, I would love to hear from you in a week or so to share your results. The good thing is I am starting tomorrow down five from my first weigh in.

  5. Jenn says:

    One day pass and I used the light amount. I decided to use the Bullet Blender in order to shake it faster and get it going. Mixed one tsp of the powder with mango juice (is my favorite) and drank it (this was the easy part) what is hard for me is to drink so much water or fluids so early in the morning but I guess will take some time to get use to
    In the afternoon (after I came from work) I took another tsp because I was starting to feel hungry. Dinner was just two bites and I was full to the nausea point. One day down and many more to go….
    Let’s check again in a week my weight today is 178,,,,,,,,,, will continue

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Jenn,
      I took the stuff yesterday and through the whole day I ate a foot long chicken sub from Subway, some chips and 2 cookies. I had a busy day today and didn’t have it. I am now at 179 and it is interesting to know we both have the same to lose…. about 35 or 40, right?
      I eat a lot of Jenny Craig food since I am not a cook. (Unfortunately I eat out often, but when I eat the gunk in the am. I get about 2 or sometimes 3 meals from a restaurant helping easily. Do you eat out often? The stuff also helps me with snacking after 8pm.


    • Hendra says:

      I am very sketical about this prcodut but I guess it is too little, too late since I have already ordered it. I was very worried, at first, that this prcodut was too good to be true and I still am. Now I am worried if this is a scam and I wasted my money altogether ( as in Does this prcodut exist? ) I see that it exists and it has only been two days since I ordered. As of yet, I have not seen a tracking number or USPS info. As I read my email that was sent right after I ordered, I noticed all of the misspellings and grammatical errors and words that were left out. Not that I am an English scholar, by far, but is was very unprofessional. But I will give it a few days before I start calling and emailing. Since I paid $500, I will try to follow the directions. I have not told anybody that I have ordered this prcodut because I feel really stupid-maybe stupid is not the word. I usually ask around about prcoduts before I purchase, but I went out on a limb this time. Thanks for this blog. It is very helpful indeed. I wish I had seen this Sunday before I ordered this prcodut. My nerves are on end right now. I pray that I receive this prcodut and that it actually works.

  6. Nice blog – I really like your catch titles – you seem to know how to keep it interesting

    • Anjelina says:

      Hi Kathy,Just checking out your site tgihont. Nice job! I like how fair you are trying to be. Like you, I’m curious about the legality of requiring someone, with so much fine print, to sign away so many of their freedom of speech rights. The terms & conditions specifically mention not contacting the Better Business Bureau? I haven’t seen that written in contract language before, but then, like you and everyone else, I rarely read all the fine print either. I wonder if the BBB would have an opinion on that? Maybe I’ll ask them. If the formula works, that’s great. It’s their terms & conditions that make me suspect. I’m not a lawyer ,but I work with a lot of lawyers, so maybe I’ll ask around and see what I can find out anything on this for you.

  7. Kathy says:

    Here it is the end of September and I am in the middle of losing hair because of the Red Sox. A regular game tomorrow and then possibly a play off game against Tampa.
    But I digress……
    Back to Roca Labs. As talked about other places it is common for people like myself to receive a cease and desist letter if you write anything vaguely negative. I guess I finally tipped the scales and got mine earlier this week. I am in the process of learning what this letter means and wondering how long it might be before I get sued by the company.

    The interesting thing to me about all this is that I am ready to take my third attempt at using the formula. Like I said I don’t want to quit on the stuff till I really figure out a way to be able to use it as stated in the 6 page instruction book. Did I mention that I wanted to start a post on here related to the price of the formula? Leave a note here if that is of any interest to anyone out there….

  8. Diet Blog says:

    I am happy to receive information that takes into account the good and bad about a product. After reading everything on your site I am still going to buy and try it, but I like that I feel more informaed. I am not sure if I can write back to you about anything I didn’t like about the formula. I will be signing the agreement that says I am not allowed to say or write anything negative in order to order it.
    This is the very first time I frequented your website page and thus far I surprised with the research you did to make this post extraordinary. Great process!

    • Mark says:

      Hi Kathy,I am on Day 2 of the formula. Yesterday (Day 1), I didn’t feel any different than any other day. What I failed to do is drink enough water, I think. I did have a slight headache yesterday and I read that would be a side effect if not enough water was being consumed. Anyway, Day 2 is about the same but I’m consuming more water. I feel a bit full today. I don’t know what to think. I’ll just take it one day at a time. By the way, I tried mixing the formula in grape juice today. It tastes much better.

  9. Ahmet says:

    I have been doing it for almost a month now, I hate the taste of it but have maneagd to mask it using almond milk. I have posted my blog where I am documenting my experience with it. I love it so far. As of today I am down 20.4 pounds (28 days), so I can’t complain and I have no cravings (used to be a sweets eater and now I can’t even stomach anything sweet because it is TOO sweet) and my intake is much less and it has actually made it so that I can change my diet for the better (no more simple carbs, fried foods, etc. for this woman.) You have to play around with the formula a bit and see what works best while taking it, like days off of it and how much but they are honest that this is something you will have to do. I am having a ton of success on it and recommend it to anyone who is sick and tired of being over weight and unhealthy. Like anything it takes work, but this really helps you change your life around if it is what you WANT to do, just like someone going through rehab, they have to want to not be an addict anymore for it to be successful and this is no different.

  10. Sarah says:

    I have ordered the product and am waiting for it to be received since there is no tracking number or shipping information with I find odd for paying so much money for the product. I have about 50 lbs to lose and am really putting all my faith into this product in helping me reach my goal.

    I did notice (after I paid) that there is no “personal” contact, only “online” customer care which they never answered my email request. Please keep your post coming, its helpful to know how others are doing with this product.

    Wish me luck…..

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Sarah,
      I was wondering how this product worked for you?
      Any comments to add to this site? Positive and negative would be appreciated….