A Scam? The Holy Grail of Weight Loss? Which one? A discussion by people NOT connected to the company!

When I was interested in finding out about Roca Labs and their diet, I was hard pressed to find information about the product/company which was not directly put up by them or people PAID by Roca Labs to say positive things.  I have purchased this product and I plan to share my personal experience, but I am more interested in other peoples experiences and questions.  Since you do not have to touch the stove to know it is hot, I also welcome views from people who have not tried it, but have comments about it or the company.

About Kathy

Hello Everyone! I am 47 years old and I live in West Hartford, Connecticut. I was married for 7 years back in '95. Unfortunately, my husband, Will, died of cancer in '02. I do not have children. Like most of you, I have been battling weight issues since childhood. I am definitely a fan of WW and Jenny Craig. My thoughts as I begin this site is whether this "diet" by Roca Labs can help get over the speed bumps that sometimes feel more like those big square curbs or even several large boulders....
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120 Responses to A Scam? The Holy Grail of Weight Loss? Which one? A discussion by people NOT connected to the company!

  1. Chris says:

    I have been to a lot of weight loss seminars and no medical professional has ever mentioned ROCA Labs or an expanding powder for your stomach. I’m really skeptical. Kathy…….it says you bought it………what was the first week like?

    • Kathy says:

      Since you may not be the only one who is interested, Chris, I will go ahead and make another Post that copies my journal entry from that first day. I didn’t want this to be a personal journey, I wanted this to be a community to discuss this “new” method.

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Chris,

      It definitely exists and “seems” the thing of this year. Go to their web site and you will see how much they have with information. I went ahead and wrote many pages on this site on how the first month went, side effects, results, etc.

      This here is my site with all the posts. I started this site because all the sites out there seemed to get paid for putting up their results.

      Let me know if the other posts here help at all…

      • hanne says:

        I have a question. I’ve been doing some rersaech and this seems like the answer to my over eating problem. when taking the formula people don’t hungry and they eat less than, you mentioned that you sometimes had to remind yourself to eat because you felt so full. what if you find yourself not eating really anything will your body go into starvation mode and store the fat since the formula has no calories or fat?

  2. Vanesa says:

    I have heard a lot about this new weight loss formual and wanted to know if it is working for you!!! I have wanted to purchase the formual and try it for myself….but I have been doing a little research first!!! Please give me some feedback about this so that I may make a decission on it.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Vanessa,
      Thank you for posting on my page. I think you are right to do the research on the product first. The different subject posts I have here will give you a lot of information. It hasn’t worked all that great so far for me, but I am not giving up on it. I went all out the first month I recieved it, and since I didn’t see the GREAT results after 4 or 6 weeks, I wasn’t as
      motivated to keep up the pace. I believe I will try again in the future since I haven’t even used a full bag yet and they send you four with your first order. I wish the company would allow you to buy less to try it, rather then $500 worth. It is too much money and if it doesn’t work for you that really sucks.

      • Mandy says:

        Hi Chris, I just received my pack. I was wondering if this is the same as everyone elses? you mentioned 4 bags whereas I only have 1 bag inside the container weighing 1.4 lb plus a very small bag of anti craving. is that right?
        I paid $590 plus custom here in Europe.

  3. Lind says:

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I started taking the Roca Labs formula on Sunday of this week and as of today have lost 7.6 pounds. I know this isn’t water weight either because in the last month I had already lost 20 pounds (counting the 2 pounds I lost when I had gotten on the scale Sunday morning.) I took the day off yesterday from taking it (as suggested to take one or two days off a week from using it) and I still ate very small portions and felt full. I have not been paid by Roca Labs or anything, I just am trying to get the information out there for those that want to try it so that they know it does in fact work if you use it properly. Dosing does take some trial and error, and it is extremely important to keep hydrated with water to keep the formula expanded in the stomach through out the day. But I would recommend this to anyone who really wants to lose weight.

    • Kathy says:

      hi Lind,
      Thank so much for writing in and speaking of good results on the Formula. It motivates me with my third attempt of weight loss with the product. Sometimes the taste isn’t working for me….. for my third attempt can you tell me what works for a mix for you?
      Thanks! It is a little later now in the year…. Are you still successful and losing weight fast?

  4. scott says:

    I am interested in it myself, but like a lot of people there’s not that much info out there from people saying if it works or not. Everytime I research it, 99% of information I find is from roca labs. If this stuff would work like they say, you should be able to find a least a dozen or two people who say if it works or not. If you drink a lot of water all day and cut your meals in half you should lose weight. That’s with every diet. If you drink enough water all day it will keep you having the bloated feeling. This is a hard decision, not enough information from others on this. This is just my opinion. I’m looking for info. Thanks. Scott

  5. scott says:

    Short story long: I wrote a quick blog post about my opinion of a weight loss product. The POSTS ARE GONE because I am being THREATENED by an Attorney Hait out of Israel and New Jersey. I noted that they may have been in Israel because the emails bounce from an .il address, and the persons searching my cache for the search terms were also in Israel.

    I was sent a cease and desist letter that read a lot like a product pitch, wherein I was threatened to review the product at a cost to me, of $1500.00 or I would be sued.

    I decided to look deeper into this product.

    Honestly? It was because it was advertised on my blog as a “Gastric Bypass – No Surgery. “

    I got sucked in, and watched nearly every YouTube video they offered. This product was suggested for kids, pregnant women and post op gastric bypass patients. My opinion, which is entirely acceptable on a personal blog, NO. NEVER. NO. I would not personally ingest this product as a GASTRIC BYPASS PATIENT. EVER.

    By golly! I am choosing not to share screen shots of the company web site, because they do not like that.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Scott,

      Thank you for taking the time to read the information on my site and reply. A few months back, like you, I was annoyed by the amount of informationm out there that was somehow connected to this company. This site has yet to receive a cease and desist order. (I am not sure why others have recieved one and not me.) Here is a summary of what comments I have heard:
      1) The stuff is hard to eat, even mixed with the packets they provide, there is no way I could keep doing this day after day.

      2) The amount of water you need to drink, and therefore “pee out”, makes this impossible for me, since I do not have a restroom available to me 24/7.

      3) It costs over $400! Why don’t they sell you a small amount for a reasonable price so you can try it? There is no money back guarantee for the packets that aren’t open…..why not???!

      4) As with any weight loss idea, it might be easy to lose weight the first month or two, but as soon as you stop taking the gunk, the weight comes back on, plus some!

      So Scott, I am at a loss, why these negative comments are not more availbale out on the web. I am still trying to figure it out myself! Please keep in touch, I appreciate your well thought out responses.


      • Crystalyn says:

        So with the roca labs after you stop taking it do you gain all the weight back? or how does that work i am thinking about ordering it and i have heard some really great reviews but the only thing i have yet to find out is if you have to take it for liek ever or if the 4 month supply is enough to keep the weight loss up forever.. you would think if you take it right for the full 4 months and you eat less your stomach would shrink automatically.

        • Kathy says:

          I think you might have to order more after the 4 month supply to keep the weight off. If is difficult to find people that have been on it over the 4 month first supply. That makes it very difficult to answer your question. I have heard that people who have the surgery can often ruin their chances to keep the weight off, since they overeat again and “stretch” their stomach back to its original shape and size. If anyone can respond to this, I would greatly aprreciate it.


          • Kathy says:

            I’m so glad that I found this site. Why not use some kind of high fiber drink mix and drink lots of water throught the day? Wouldn’t this work in the same fashion? I’m going to try it.

  6. I am glad that I noticed this blog , exactly the right information that I was looking for! .

  7. 癌症 says:

    Thanks a million for this, I appreciate the info

  8. Kristin says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am very glad to see what seems to be real people discussing this company/product. I say seems to be because right now I feel like I am in one of those conspiracy movies. I would like to share with you my actual encounter with Roca Labs.
    First let me say that I have not tried the product, so I cannot say if it would work for me. However, on July 27 I placed an order for this product. As many of you I researched and saw nothing but good things. I was nervous…but also fat lol…so I couldn’t resist.
    That same day I received 2 emails. One telling me thanks and that they were in short supply and it may take 3-5 days for them to ship my stuff. It also stated that when it does ship I will receive a confirmation with tracking. The second email was that tracking number. Now they say that part of the $480 is $21 for two day shipping, so on the 5th day and no pkg I had a chat conversation in which I was told there was a technical problem with tracking…sorry let back up a bit. When I tried to track the pkg before contacting them it said they had been notified to expect a pkg but did not have it yet…so the RL person told me it had been shipped and I should get it in two days….really?! That in itself made me angry.

    Two days past and still nothing…that was yesterday Aug. 3. I had another chat…I was on for close to an hour in which time the person mostly ignored me. I would sit there for long periods of time with no reply…she didnt even say good bye…she just didnt say anything else. I finally just closed chat. During this conversation she told me she would take care of it and reship. I then informed her I was going out of town and didnt want something that I would be putting into my body to be floating around for ten days while I was not home. “we can try , but no promise” is the reply.

    I then started reading very carefully, I remembered in the email they sent, that you can cancel the order before it ships with no penalty. It says to email and call but they give no phone number and no email address. I tried to go back on chat and ask for that info, but made the mistake of stating I wanted to cancel in the chat first…I got a msg saying to leave my info and they would get back to me…no one ever did.

    I then went to the customer care center where I found a place to email them, I did and have received no reply.

    I also called them at a number I found in chat section. I had to call three times. The first two times I only got a msg that said sorry we are too busy call back later…on the last call I was able to leave a msg. It told me someone would call back in 10-15 mins. They did…and she was nice, but not helpful at all because all she did was tell me to send a msg through customer care as I had already done.

    I have now received a notice that they have shipped my products. I checked USPS and they do have it. Of course they will try to say that doesn’t allow me to cancel now…it’s too late…even though I contacted them many times before they could have even put the product in the box. How convenient for them : /

    I hope this helps some of you. If you feel you have been wronged by them…contact BBB.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Kristin,
      What a pain in the butt to go through. Absolutely insane. You would think a company that is selling a $500 product with no guarentees, would be better at customer service. You are not the only one, by far, that spoke about problems calling the company and getting through. My situation with the product is in limbo. I tried using it, consistently, for about a month. My results were not as good as all the video people had. I was very discouraged. I still have over 75% of the product unopened and think about how I could really use that $4 or $500 right now. My other thought is that I am going to give it another try. Just not sure when that will be. My plan, I am thinking about, is use Weight Watchers along with the gunk. At this moment the thought of eating the stuff everyday is making me nausous. (is that how you spell that?)

      Kristin, are you willing to write on this site how you did with it?


    • ALM1994 says:

      I had, or actually still have, a very sour taste in my mouth when I see the name “Roca Labs”.

      First of all, when I purchased their product, they were very responsive, returned my calls, and even called me if I sent an email. Since I had a problem with the price and my credit card on the first try, they called me instructed me on how to make the pmt correctly, etc. I needed another $80.00, so I waited until the begining of the next month to place my order.

      When I did, I received the product and started using it.

      The first thing I noticed was the lack of control they have over what dosage should a person take everyday, according to their weight loss need, which was contradicting the way they advertise their product, which says “If you want to loose 25-50 pnds, click here…”, etc. You except to receive a more specified version accostumed to your needs as you specified them on their forms.

      Basically, you are sent 3 spoons for you to decide how much you have to take. I said to myself, it cannot be a very effective or strong product when they let customers decide if they take 1 spoon or 3, which led me to assume that as far as a medical or expert advice I was on my own and I needed to try the formula until it fit my needs.

      This became a hassle since if I’d take the purple spoon, I’d have horrible crampings, bloating and almost lost myself in the intimacy of my… bathroom. If I took the green spoon, I was as hungry as a lion in winter and disgusted by the taste and guy stuff I had to drink which did nothing to me.

      I still kept trying for another 2 weeks. I lost 0 pounds, sorry… I lost 0 ounces after 3 1/2 weeks.

      I decided to give them a call, and they answered. I explained the concerns I had with the formula and was seeking advise as to how to return it, if not for the whole amount at least for a portion, the lady went cold on the phone and literally said “Madam we do not handle refunds since this is a medical formula that cannot be returned after the seal is broken, please send us an email with your concern” and the phone went cold.

      After that conversation I have emailed “Roca Labs” more than 5 times and have received no answer at all. More than 5 weeks have passed and I am totally unhappy with the results, the way they handled my call and how unproffesional it looks to send a product without specifics instructions as to the portion or dosage to be taken but then considered a “medical formula” when it comes to the refund.

      What happened to your refund policy? Every company states them and have them implemeted and it reimburses the customers up to a certain point regardless of an open product, etc.

      As to me, the “formula” is sitting in my kitchen as to I don’t want to keep taking something that leaves me starving or cramping.

      I would love to know if anyone knows how I should handle this situation, and if anyone has resolved any refund situations with “Roca Labs”.

      Thank you.

      • Kathy says:

        Wow. Your results, or lack there of, is very depressing. I know as soon at you started to mention “refund” the company would stop listening. In their terms, they say more then once, no refunds allowed under any circumstance.

        I am still trying to figure out how the company knows what their success rate really is if they do not allow people to speak out if it doesn’t work for them. Will you give it another shot? I hear some get back some of their money by going the eBay route with what they have left. Would you consider that?


      • april says:

        I also purchased from roca labs… That stuff is nasty, I can not stomach it, have lost no weight on it, and I am no longer taking it. Can not get my money back and still have one more payment of 160 for them to take off my card for a product I cant take… Who wants to eat slime every day, yuk!

        • Sharan Sullivan says:

          I too found I could not swallow the crap without gaging. It was foul tasting and simply did not work.I have definitely learned a hard lesson as I too lost 480.00

  9. free slots says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I need to find out more specifics about it.

  10. Katy says:

    Hi Everyone , I see a lot of mixed reviews here. I found the formula back in Jan, didn’t see much about it. I bought at the end of Feb . Lost 9 lbs my first week ( water I’m sure) It took me 4months to lose 55 pounds . I did eat less, but also ate less fast food and watched my sugar. The anti craving you get with it actually really helped take my sweet tooth away as well. I still have my moments where I can sit and eat countless oreos , but all in all my temptations and how I handle them are much better. I joined a support group on facebook with a few hundred people taking the formula. Many like it, and there are some that don’t . One lady just lost 28 in 2 months . Anhow you can get a realistic view on the formula within the facebook page. Roca Labs does not run it. There’s a Marine wife who started it , she’s done well too . Check it out the facebook page is mini gastric roca .

    • Kathy says:

      What great news!!! Can you post here how your members on the facebook page put up with the taste? So many of us want to try again, or try is for the first time, but can’t stand the taste. What works for you????

  11. Kathy says:

    Thank you for the kind words. Back in April, I was tired of only finding things that were connected to Rocalabs. I wanted everyone to have the chance to say whatever they wanted to about the company and about their experiences if they have tried their “formula” for weight loss.

  12. Lin says:

    I have been doing it for almost a month now, I hate the taste of it but have managed to mask it using almond milk. I have posted my blog where I am documenting my experience with it. I love it so far. As of today I am down 20.4 pounds (28 days), so I can’t complain and I have no cravings (used to be a sweets eater and now I can’t even stomach anything sweet because it is TOO sweet) and my intake is much less and it has actually made it so that I can change my diet for the better (no more simple carbs, fried foods, etc. for this woman.) You have to play around with the formula a bit and see what works best while taking it, like days off of it and how much… but they are honest that this is something you will have to do. I am having a ton of success on it and recommend it to anyone who is sick and tired of being over weight and unhealthy. Like anything it takes work, but this really helps you change your life around if it is what you WANT to do, just like someone going through rehab, they have to want to not be an addict anymore for it to be successful and this is no different.

    • Sally says:

      How is it working with you? I am just gaining weight and I am craving food??? Whats going wrong?.I gained 2 more pounds and I need help. It was supposed to help.

  13. Kathy says:

    Thanks Ashley!! Like you, I spent a lot of time on line trying to find rocalabs reviews that were not staged. Glad I could help. Have you decided to try the stuff?


  14. catrice parker says:

    If I order this, I will make sure I tell the true story of roca, so people will not spend all their money if it doesn’t work …I will order soon and keep everybody up to date of the real truth.

  15. Thanks, I’ve recently been hunting for details about this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve discovered so far.

    • Kathy says:

      You are welcome. Can you comment on what YOUR thoughts are about this product? Have you ordered it? Do you plan to? What are good and bad things about it in your opinion?


  16. sarah says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I would like to try it, but find it way too pricey – would you like to sell me one of your unopened packets. Then if it does work I can order some more? I have tried everything and find I just eat for the sake of eating and need to seriously get rid of some of this excess weight.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Sarah,
      I am sorry it has taken me this long to respond. I am not comfortable selling any part of my package since I don’t have the information to give you that the comapny has. Maybe you could find a friend that wants to try it and you could share the product and cost? They sure do give you plenty of product. My guess it lasts 3 or 4 months…. PLUS an additonal product that is for middle of the day cravings. (This is separate from the 4 packages of product.)

    • Tracey says:

      Hey, I saw that if you want to try the product before taking the $500.000 dive. you can order it off ebay.

  17. Anita Nair says:

    I am a GP and I am obese. I am lazy and I hate dieting. I have been wanting to have the bariatric surgery for a while now. This product sounds too much like a genie in a bottle. I found your website raises the questions we all “rounder” people have but only time will tell. Like all new fangled ideas we just have to wait and watch. Most important is how long has this product been out. All we will be seeing are short term side effects. Something that fills up your stomach can also be hurting the stomach lining.
    Even food can cause ulcers. So the best question to ask these guys would be – “Has any of these rocaLabs satisfied clients had a before and after endoscopy done to see how their stomach linings look like?”

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Anita,
      Thank you so much for commenting on this site. There seems to be a huge lack of “side effects” and long term effects put out by this company that in itself is unsettling. I never thought of the stomach lining and how it might be affected. Do you plan to try the stuff?

      • Anita Nair says:

        I would love to try it, but being a doctor I know that surgery is better than medicines which are chemicals. I will wait a little longer till I try this stuff, maybe at least 6 months.

  18. Britani says:

    Hello. I am SO glad I found this site. The ONLY reviews I have seen thus far are ones posted by Roca Labs themselves. I am bound and determined to find out if it works or not I but I dont have $500 to just throw away right now if it doesn’t work, and I am a little desperate! I am getting married in February and refuse to carry 240 lbs in my wedding dress with me on my 5″2 frame! I have never been a heavy girl.. Not growing up. But within the last few years I have gained over 100 lbs and I dont even know HOW it happened… other than insomnia and (seemingly harmless) Midnight snacking. But, it really did a number on me! I have tried calorie counting, reducing carbs, reducing portions, even straight up STARVING but I wind up GIVING UP and eating MORE than I did BEFORE! Even whenI’m not hungry.. I know I should love myself for who I am and Lord knows my fiance loves me either way.. But I want to look at my wedding pictures and feel beautiful. So I figure if theres less room in my belly to fill.. Ill be forced to take control of what goes in there and how much. If this stuff really works it could change my whole world. But, paying for this wedding has taken a toll on my bank account so if I SOMEHOW come up with $500 to put up for it… It really has to work you know??

    • Kathy says:

      Greetings Britani,
      So glad you found this site and commented. Like a lot of us, it is difficult to find information that is not connected to the company. Since you have expenses right now in your life, my opinion is not to spend the $500 right now. I have twcie taken a shot at using this product and twice I have given up and then put more weight on then I started. If you are determined to try it, would you be able to do Jenny Craig or WW along with it? That way you are getting all the nutrition you need. The worst thing that could happen is not feeling your best in these months leading up to your special day. It has been my experince when talking to men, about a woman’s weight, their biggest dream is for their gal to act like they are slim even if they are not. They just want to be with someone who is happy and not all wrapped up and self conscience about their bodies. Like you, I can’t “love” the extra weight I have, but there has to be a time when we just decide it is not going to take up all our waking thoughts and miss so many other things. The other problem I am dealing with is how unhappy I was with 10 pounds overweight, and then unhappy with 25 and now unhappy with 60 overweight. When does it end? I wish SO BAD I could have back the days of ten over so I could love it and not let it rule me.
      Please let me know what you decide and comment on anything here like you have. I am interested in what you decide.


      • Britani says:

        I have thought about Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or even Nutrisystem but I really don’t know which one is best and I am really bad with decisions! My fiance keeps telling me that he loves my body he just wished I would love it as much as he does. But, I just cant.. I not only dislike it.. I HATE it and its really not fair to him. And all of this stress of trying to lose it before my wedding certainly isn’t helping. I know what you mean about that first 10 lbs… I wish I hadn’t let it become such an obsession because it just made it feel hopeless and you’re right 10 turns to 20 and 30 and so on so quickly…and now it REALLY IS a hopeless task…. I never thought Id see 200 on the scale… Especially not 240… I don’t know how I let this happen. I know hoping for a miracle pill isn’t realistic. But I have to do SOMETHING and FAST.

        • Kathy says:

          hi again,
          I can feel the pain of it all in your letter. I wish there were something I could say other then you know you are not alone. So many of us feel the exact same way. I would encourage you to pick one to try, you might find the support you need among othere. Personally I did better with WW, then JC, but the main thing is to try SOMETHING. I would wait on the RL, since it is such a big investment to hope for weight loss. Just my opinion…

    • Dhruv says:

      Let’s assume for the sake of arunemgt this stuff is perfectly safe . I still have issue with the fact they compare it to gastric bypass . yes, it may mimic the smaller stomach portion but this doesn’t bypass anything, unless this gel is also lining your intestines there is no malabsorption. Maybe it’s getting technical, but if anything this mimics the gastric band or vertical sleeve which both are restrictive surgeries without the bypass. Of course, from a marketing point they are probably trying to associate with the bypass cause it’s what’s more widely known in the US and they want to piggyback off that but doing so, in my mind, is deceptive which only serves to cast doubt on the rest of their claims.

  19. Britani says:

    Thank You I think I will try WW first :) Maybe get on that medicine my sister used to be on, she got it from the doctor. Phentermine I think it was. It worked for her.. Maybe its worth a shot..

  20. Irene Klauber says:

    I haven’t tried the stuff yet. It sounds too good to be true on the advertisements, so I guess it’s a scam. I’ll be waiting and watching for serious health problems to develop in the near future.

    • Kathy says:

      hi Irene,
      Agreed. It is very difficult to find studies on this stuff done by OUTSIDE sources then the company itself. I will also be watching, like you, to see side effects that come up after months of using it.


  21. Danielle says:

    I am very sketical about this product but I guess it is too little, too late since I have already ordered it. I was very worried, at first, that this product was too good to be true and I still am. Now I am worried if this is a scam and I wasted my money altogether ( as in “Does this product exist?”) I see that it exists and it has only been two days since I ordered. As of yet, I have not seen a tracking number or USPS info. As I read my email that was sent right after I ordered, I noticed all of the misspellings and grammatical errors and words that were left out. Not that I am an English scholar, by far, but is was very unprofessional. But I will give it a few days before I start calling and emailing. Since I paid $500, I will try to follow the directions. I have not told anybody that I have ordered this product because I feel really stupid-maybe stupid is not the word. I usually ask around about products before I purchase, but I went out on a limb this time. Thanks for this blog. It is very helpful indeed. I wish I had seen this Sunday before I ordered this product. My nerves are on end right now. I pray that I receive this product and that it actually works.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you so much for your letter, Danielle. As mentioned on the phone call to you today… your timing couldn’t be better. It was just this week that I received a cease and desist letter about my site. I know of numerous people who shut down their site or blog about this company after they received their letter. I think it was because they didn’t want to be bothered with legal troubles. It is not like I am looking forward to being sued, if it goes that far. It is just that, as a consumer in America, it does not make sense to me that I can not write my opinion or my experiences with a product. I went back to their site recently and noted that there are new terms and conditions and disclaimers in their agreement. Right now you are required to sign it (electronically), if you buy their product. (I have a hard time writing “Formula” since to me that sounds like something out of X-Files or Fringe. Inside joke to those who are sci fi fans.) If you buy their poduct now, you are not allowed to write anything negatvie about the company or product. I hope you will leave your thoughts about this and what were some of your thoughts when you signed off on not saying anything about it. I will note here: I bought the product in April of this year 2011, and I DID NOT sign anything that said I would not write anything negative about the company or the product. I will probably put a copy of that letter up here on the site so everyone can see what they wrote to me. I am assuming it is my right to put the letter up on my own site! Maybe I should check this move out with my lawyer-guy………….oh joy!

  22. G. Duropan says:

    Terrific work! That is the type of info that are supposed to be shared around the net. Disgrace on the search engines for now not positioning this put up higher.
    FINALLY finding a site that is not endorced by the Roca Labs company!

    Keep up the good work. Don’t let them scare you off like loads of others.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is Ed. I am glad I found your site. I have had a hard time finding info on
    Roca Labs that didn’t seem one sided. Keep it up.

  24. Lou Hickox says:

    Thanks for all the posts on this site. There is no place I could find to get this kind of information about Roca Labs. I have been searching for information such as yours. I believe you that you do not work for the company and are not getting paid to have this site up and running.

  25. Breville says:

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    Thank you for another magnificent post. Where else can anyone get this kind of information in such an ideal manner of writing? I am looking for such information.

  27. Virginia says:

    Thank you for a very informative site. I was getting tired of looking for information that was not objective about Roca Labs and I like your topics.

  28. Brenda says:

    We’re a group of volunteers and in our community. Your site on Roca Labs offered us helpful information to think about. You’ve performed a formidable service to our group considering this as a weight loss product to buy.

    This note was added by Kathy (the owner of this site)
    Hello everyone reading this site and trying to find fair reviews of “the formula” and the company in Florida named Rocalabs.

    I do not understand some of the replies I have received on this site. They seem “forced” and not from a real person in my opinion. I will continue to let some of them come up on this site, but I will include this note that in my opinion it is not from a real person who has tried the stuff or has REALLY been interested in reading about it. Please give me advice and leave feedback about what YOU think.

  29. Ginny says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Just checking out your site tonight. Nice job! I like how fair you are trying to be. Like you, I’m curious about the legality of requiring someone, with so much fine print, to sign away so many of their freedom of speech rights. The terms & conditions specifically mention not contacting the Better Business Bureau? I haven’t seen that written in contract language before, but then, like you and everyone else, I rarely read all the fine print either. I wonder if the BBB would have an opinion on that? Maybe I’ll ask them. If the formula works, that’s great. It’s their terms & conditions that make me suspect. I’m not a lawyer ,but I work with a lot of lawyers, so maybe I’ll ask around and see what I can find out anything on this for you.

    • Kathy says:

      hey Ginny,
      Thanks so much for supporting me by reading what I have written so far. I took the formula earlier today and I am ready to make my third attempt. Wish me luck!


  30. Danielle says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I am on Day 2 of the formula. Yesterday (Day 1), I didn’t feel any different than any other day. What I failed to do is drink enough water, I think. I did have a slight headache yesterday and I read that would be a side effect if not enough water was being consumed. Anyway, Day 2 is about the same but I’m consuming more water. I feel a bit full today. I don’t know what to think. I’ll just take it one day at a time. By the way, I tried mixing the formula in grape juice today. It tastes much better.

  31. kanwal says:

    ok. so did anyone approach a doctor to understand the science behind the product and if its safe?

  32. jazzy says:

    Hello, people!

    U guys are all super for your post. Thanks especially to Kathy..smile

    I will be trying the product soon. I figure why not? I happen to have the drive to actually do something about my weight. I certainly need my craving for sweets to STOP…giggle.

    Thanks to you all I will be more cautious and VERY honest of my results. It won’t be until mid JAN. Until I start. I am most worried about receiving the product. And, my Doctor is sceptical because its not mainstream….not enough info. I will direct him here too in hopes that he sees that there are real people using roca labs.

    Again, thank you Kathy, and you all. KEEP UP THE POSTING,PLEASE!

    • jazzy says:

      oNE MORE THING…I couldn’t find anyone with more positive results after the 5th week. That is very discouraging. Asked the live help lady why, and she says that it could be that they just started the product…hmmmm?

      Also, I would like to know how are people loosing 3 to 5lbs with in 2 days? Like are you on the potty the whole time? Where does it go in such a short period?

  33. Loser says:

    Ordering it as I read this. I think I’m going to try it and I also think the “magic” part is following the instructions exactly after reading a million posts, blogs, facebook messages etc. Let’s see how it goes!

  34. Hi. I just placed an order for this formula last night. I paid through paypal and received confirmation of payment to Rocalabs. I then received another email asking me to call a toll free number to confirm some info, so of course I called and left a message. This morning I emailed to find out what info they needed and they emailed me back saying they will be calling shortly. Still patiently waiting for the return call. Just really want to try this product. Has anyone else had the same issues as myself? Sandra

    • Rainom M says:

      Yup – I had a small challenge getting a receipt, but they finally emailed me one after contacting them 3 times – as for the call – they called me, within 30 minutes of placing my order – BUT I had an urgent issue – I filled in their online order form to bill to my credit card – I didn’t want to give my cell number so I filled in ’1234567890′ – apparently someone from Baltimore did too and when the confirmation page came up – it displayed all of her credit card info and her name and address – I contacted them immediately and they straightened it all out ASAP… but I saw her info and if I wasn’t an honest guy, I would have her card type, card number, home address and her first and last name – I saw it all! SO – I recommend you purchase over the phone and avoid the online order system – it’s not very secure – they told me it was because she had entered the same cell numbers that I did – the page did reflect the same cell phone number in her info that I saw… but… but… but… y’know what I mean? I’ve been wondering ever since if anyone has seen my info – so just to be safe I’m keeping a close eye on my card transactions online… so far so good! Perhaps it was just a glitch in the system but I think it should be more secure – SO BEWARE FOLKS!

  35. Yvette Fyfe says:

    Hi everyone! I love this blog but need more answers. Has anyone completed the $500 worth of product? Were you able to do it without Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers? Were there any other side effects besides headaches from not drinking enough water? I always hear about the 1st month or 2 results. If so many people are using this product what are the end results after completing the $500 worth of product they send to you? Has anyone completed it & have you renewed it since? I need long term answers, not short. $500 is a lot of money to be throwing away in this economy. Also, thank you to the person who mentioned about buying it for less on EBAY to try it out before spending a fortune. I will wait to see if anyone has answers for me before trying it out.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Yvette,
      Kathy here.
      What a GREAT comment to wonder what people are saying after they finish the whole product. FOUR packages of the product to be exact. I know folks can get back half their money if they uTube or write the great results they got. But what about after they get their money back and still have 3 packages to go? I’d love to hear from those folks. Are you out there?


  36. Priscila says:

    Thank you so much for all the information. I just bid on the product on ebay waiting for the bid to be over, hopefully I win and able to purchase for cheaper than what Roca Labs is selling it for. I’m a little worried about any harm that can cause to my body. I’m really looking forward to it my goal is to loose 76 lbs.

    • Debron J says:

      I wouldn’t go on eBay to buy something like this. I mean, that’s one of the main reasons they don’t accept returns – because someone could alter the formula. I mean it may be cheaper but is it worth the risk of not knowing what you are really getting?

      • NEOYOUNG says:


  37. NEOYOUNG says:

    I ordered my formula yesterday, after reading some things I’m a little discouraged but for the most part excited . People need to realize every weight loss diet is mainly up to YOU , for example I know people who have had the actual surgery and yrs later their weight is back , so why not try this what do I have to lose I know $430 , but if you have really been fighting their weight battle for years how many times have we paid $430+ dollars over and over to get no where. I’m going to remain positive about this , and help the formula out by doing what it says , excerise, and it encourages you to lose weight at a slow pace , so people complaining about losing 6lbs in 2 wks are you SERIOUS?? When the average person with healthy eating and excerise lose 2lbs a week . Good luck everyone on this journey !!!!!!

  38. Rainom M says:

    I just started this stuff 3 days ago – the first day sort of sucked because I tried it as a liquid and straight up (no flavoring) and I swear I had to fight off the gag reflex all the time I was choking it down – words like disgusting and gross just don’t express how bad it is. Day 2 I mixed it strong with cranberry juice. I measured the liquid to about a half inch below the level line on the shaker and added a full purple scoop (the largest one) and about one quarter more – it got really thick – for me, the thicker it is, the less disgusting it is and the cranberry juice transformed it into a slightly sweet treat! yes, a treat – I actually like it now and I’m not associated with the company or paid to write good things about it. I find the water intake hard to keep up because I’m peeing every 15 to 20 minutes – I contacted Roca and they assure me this is a transitional thing and my body will adjust – I’m also a chocoholic and crave it – I was crawling the walls first day and every day since, but I swear, after I mix up some of that anti-craving stuff – I’m good for the day… actually last night I mixed up a small glass of anti-craving powder… but it sure wipes them out! I’m really impressed with it – a little more so than the ‘formula – the formula does create a fuller feeling, but I wish it was just a little more potent… perhaps I’ll try mixing a bigger dose, but then it won’t last as long… hmmm what to do… because I think it is over priced, but at the same time I also think it’s a decent product… just a bit overpriced – because I won’t be doing a video and therefore, no refund! My weight and my weight loss is just a personal and private issue for me – I don’t want anyone to see me ‘before’. So I highly recommend cranberry juice, which normally I don’t like, but it tastes different when it’s mixed with the frog slime-like, tasteless sludge – very nice!

    As for legal issues noted in these blogs – I wonder if their legal threats and such stand up if they impinge on civil rights to freedom of speech? Can a company create policies that conflict and in in essence rewrite civil rights enshrined in your constitution? (I’m from Canada – and they are in conflict with our Charter of Rights and Freedoms too) If so, what if a friend bought it for me as a gift and I wasn’t the one who agreed not to speak against the company? Could I not speak against them legally if I was gifted the product? Just some theoretical thoughts and question to ponder because so far, I’m okay with this product… it could be a little stronger/potent still, but otherwise I think it’s a decent, albeit a tad overpriced, product. Nice blog and good luck to everyone!

    • Rainom M says:

      Just a follow up – it’s been a week or so on the product and I still have issues with
      the degree of fullness from this product – like others, I can’t drink any more water… amd is the product providing a feeling of semi-fullness or the large amounts of water? Hmmm… I also received one large bag, not four like some others. FYI – I tried a
      bowl of dense oatmeal (1 cup of water to 2 thirds oatmeal) and it provided
      me with more fullness for a longer time period of time than this product with no cravings – just something to think about. Again, the anti-craving powder does
      stop cravings… but as for the formula… I recommend you try eating some dense oatmeal and compare that with this formula and it’s gallon of water a day! I’m
      going to keep going and finish the entire bag of product though and see where I
      end up – so far I’ve lost a pound – I also eat boiled lean chicken and plain
      vegetables… and still only 1 pound – I thought it should be more coupled with my
      bare minimum diet and some moderate exercise…. I’m starting to think I may
      have lost more cash than any potential weight loss – if someone were to ask me I
      would recommend they consider trying porridge first!

      I wonder if the lack of people posting who have completed the ‘program’ aren’t
      here because maybe there are none… I mean if I keep eating this stuff and
      drinking all this water, I wonder if I will be able to fulfill my promise to myself
      to complete it? How much water can my kidneys handle and what about my blood electrolytes – they can get thrown out of balance with too much water? I guess
      I’ll do my best and keep posting my journey. Be safe and best of luck to all!

  39. Sandy says:

    Hi everybody:
    I started using the formula about 4 days ago, I have to say that I’m quite dissapointed as I haven’t seen the results that were promised to me. I paid the full amount which was a lot as everybody knows, and received this package a big one, with one bag of the formula, quite big though, the craving mixture, as well as three different spoons and two shakers….aside from all of this I also received the “reinforcement pills” and “cleansing pills”. I have to say that thing taste awful, and the worst part of all is after being in it for 4 days I still don’t feel that “fullness” that was promised, as a matter of fact the only thing that I’ve been experiencing are headaches….and cannot be because I’m dehydrating because I’ve been drinking up to 1 gallon of water…..how much more am I supposed to drink???when I went to their website for “support” the only thing I could do was to start a live chat with a person by the name of Liz, I explained to her what is happening to me ( FYI this happened like 10 min. ago) about the headaches and I have not been feeling full, and my response was “sorry to hear that” and then a big paragraph outlining the same things they say in their website!!! i think she just cut and paste it……..I feel sooo disapointed and angry at myself, although I did research my focus was primarely on losing the weight……..anyway, I’m going to keep on trying it…..although it taste AWFUL!!! just the thought about it ….eeewww, but I have to do it otherwise what’s the point in wasting all my money??? I just wish that it’ll work in time.
    by the way, until now I have not lost anything, but my $500.00

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Sandy,
      I am sorry that, as of yet, you have not seen the results expected. Thank you for writing here. I am still in the middle of legal troubles and what the next move is by Roca Labs with this site. Please keep checking back. I am going to put up a new Post to keep everyone up to date. I am looking for people that have used the product for over 3 months now. It seems they are hard to find. If you, or anyone you know, have been taking the formula for over 3 months please post on this site.

      • Kathy says:

        Hi Sandy,
        One other question….
        You said they sent ONE package of the powder. How big was it?

        BTW< are things going better for you using the product?


        • Sandy says:

          Hi Kathy:

          The package was quite big, and when I wrote them to ask them what happened to the other bags they told me that its the “new and improved” package, they said that I won’t need the other three small bags, since this big bag is gonna last me for four months. But as you already know, they don’t give you a proper answer from their knowledge, they just cut and paste stuff out from their website……that I hate sooooo much….even when you’re chatting with them it’s like they don’t know themselves.


          When I first started this diet I weight 158 lbs, that was last week in or about Wednesday, today I weight myself again and the scale shows 151lbs…. now, I’m not too excited about it cause it can be water weight cause I’ve been drinking a lot of water therefore using the bathroom a lot.

          As I mentioned before, this gunk is awful, however I managed to get it through for the first week, yesterday I found the Crystal Light powder and bought one box, this morning I mixed it and it actually tasted it rather good…sweet is the word…now there’s hope for me if I actually like it, and look forward for my next dose.

          Now about my appetite; I mentioned earlier that I didn’t feel as full as I was promised, but as the days go by I’m starting to notice that I don’t feel that hungry animore……it didn’t happen on the first day, like they say, but more like on the fourth day or fifth…..what I’ve been experiencing quite a lot is headaches, in fact, I have one right now as I type, that I don’t know, cause I’ve been drinking up to 4 litres of water, and I really don’t wanna drink anymore then that….but this headaches are seriously bothering me. Anyway that is my update, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to finished the whole four months, but I will try my best, $500.00 does not grow on a tree, and I can’t afford to just waste it all away for nothing….

          • Sandy says:

            I made a mistake by saying that I started to feel full on the fourth day, come to think about it just started to happen like three days ago….however, when I do eat I feel like my body has been starving and I do try to eat light snacks every now and then but that is something that I wanted to point out,…you do feel full, although not on the first day, but when you do eat you feel like your body has been starving …..

          • Christian says:

            There are a lot of diet programs and I have tried all of those. When I heard about this roca thigny, I had the same thinking. I was afraid that this might not work and I will ripped off of $500. I researched and read their website. Armed with all information, I was still apprehensive. It was my husband who told me to think about it. I was starting to lose my self confidence and that I am too heavy to do some chores at home because I feel tired all the time.I tried it and it worked and I don’t know, I think that you just need to know that it really works and it would be best to read everything first so that you will not as bad as the others.I mean being armed with all the information and I totally believe that the only obstacle in getting what I want is ME.I just want you to know that it really works and all you have to do keep your mind open. If you have any questions then get in touch with them. I mean, I feel that information is the best defense that we can have.

  40. Kat J says:


    Like reading everyones comments. I ordered the product online going through PayPal. I did research people comments and came to my on choice to try the product. I hope to receive it next week and will give my experiences on the product. It sounds like the product works if you go by the instructions.

    Kat J.

    • Sandy says:

      How is it going for u? Did u start the formula already?? How is the product working for u

      • Kat J says:

        Hi Sandy, yes. I lost 4.6 lbs. the first week and another 2 lbs. the second week. I also used the measuring tape and lost 3 inches on my waist total. I am now into my third week. So far it is working. I lost the muffin top (that’s what I call it) around my waist so my jeans fit better. I still have a lot more to go, so I will try to go the full 4 months on this and see how it goes.

  41. Trish says:

    @ Sandy How does the anti-cravings work especially during transitional period? The program is between 4-5 months… I’m thinking: If I am willing to make sacrifice for others then, why not for myself.

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Trish:

      The anticraving does work, however I don’t take it everyday, I take it only when I feel the sensation of eating something just for the sake of eating. However that doesn’t happen everyday, maybe twice a week or so.

  42. Trish says:

    @ Sandy. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your honest experience. I see, the key to the formula is enough water(not too much or a lot of water) and just use anti-cravings if you feel like eating but not really hungry. So, that would keep the balance of Electrolytes and still lose weight the natural way.

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Trish:

      You know what? I think the formula does work however drinking that amount of water is a big challenge every single day… since I drink the strong formula I have to take at least 4ltr of water a day, and my God…it’s hard, specially when you have that urge to go the washroom and there’s none around you… hopefully my body will adjust to so much water.

      Today it’s my second week on this formula and I have to admit that I’m feeling less and less hungry by the day…last night, my husband was eating a Bic Mac and fries with tons of ketchut and I didn’t even felt like graving a frie or a bite of the Bic Mac…nothing….I keep noticing those little changes in my eating habits, but sometimes I do feel “mentally hungry” but i think is because I’m used to eating when I want whatever I want. My husband says that he’s noticing that I’m loosing weight, as a matter of fact he mentioned that to me last night as I was getting ready for bed…so let’s give this goop stuff the benefit of the doubt, I am starting to believe that it might just be a product that works if it’s properly used, and consistently; but is too soon to tell, but I will keep you posted on my journey.

      • Kathy says:

        Hi Sandy,
        I was wondering how it is going for this week?

      • maya says:

        I Believe even without the formula if you keep drinking 4 ltrs of water a day you won’t be hungry ! don’t you think so ?

  43. Sandy says:

    waow today was my second weight in….and I’m still the same…..have not lost NOTHING since last week….not inches and not a pound, I have tried to do everything suggested, I do not feel as hungry i do not snack or eat as much….but nothing….drinking up to 4 litres of water…..

    waow…I’m so mad, frustrated …. depressed….what the hell

    • Kat J says:

      Sandy, don’t give up keep taking it. Are you using the purple spoon? How many times a day are you taking it?

      • Sandy says:

        I use it twice a day, but still nothing … Over a month using it twice a day the purple spoon in the morning and the regular spoon in the afternoon… It has done nothing!! How about for you??? How is it going??

        • Kathy says:

          Hi Sandy,
          I am not sure what you are talking about when you mention the purple spoon. Is that something that came with your package?
          This site is to hear about results on BOTH sides. The company mentions that they have a 90% success rate…. I am not sure if this is what they are still saying….
          My question is this:
          If you won’t allow people who it didn’t work for to tell, how do you know the true success rate? I’d be interested if anyone could help me with this.


          • Sandy says:

            In the package that i received, it was included three measurement spoons : Green (light), silver (regular) purple (strong), I used to take the purple formula, but after having to struggle everyday to drink excessive water plus that not-so pleasant taste of the formula mixed with crystal light…and still no weight lost….I got discouraged and I stopped using it….so what the hell!! I lost nothing but my money…serves me right for believing in complete BS. Good luck to everybody else trying to lose weight on this formula hopefully your results will be better than mine

  44. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your posts. I read the Terms and Conditions on the Rocha Lab website . WOW, I would have totally missed that!! Since I AM NOT A CUSTOMER I can say whatever I want. This is TOTAL BULLSHIT folks!! Save your money and preserve your first ammendment right to FREE SPEECH.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi there, Elizabeth,
      Thank you for letting me know my site helped to point out things you might have normally missed. I think you are like a lot of us. We whip thorough Terms and Conditions, or not even look at them at all. I don’t think many of us think we are throwing away our rights to speak freely about a product we have purchased for a large sum of money. When they speak of suing me for $300,000, they included the point that I help people say negative things on this site and therefore I am helping them commit a crime since they signed their contract. Sounds like a movie or something, doesn’t it? I want to stress that my site welcomes ANY thoughts and opinions about this powder and if you have signed a contract please think before you write….
      The last thing I want is anyone getting into trouble because of me or my site.

      • Charlie Mc says:

        Kathy, there is no crime in speaking out about a product. However, a person may enter into a legally binding contract where they have given up the right to speak about a product. It’s called a confidentiality clause. You stated you did not ‘sign’ this type of agreement when you purchased the product so you can say whatever you want.
        Many have raised the First Amendment Freedom of Speech issue but that type of freedom of speech only prohibits the government, federal or state, from prohibiting speech. It does not affect private contract agreements between people or companies.

  45. Debron J says:

    ” You agree that if you do not have a positive outcome, you WILL NOT speak, publish, print, blog or write negatively about the product in any forum; and (6) If you breach this Agreement, we reserve the right to demand full payment for the Formula and/or Support and for any expenses we incur in resolving the issue. Additionally, we retain the right to bring suit against you for breach of contract, and/or any other cause of action we deem appropriate.”

    That doesn’t mean that you cannot share your experience. If the formula didn’t work for me and I said it just LIKE THAT, it would not be a problem. But, as humans, what we do it say “THIS PRODUCT DID NOT WORK!” and that’s not fair to the company for someone to do so. I’m glad a lot of people are pointing out this clause, maybe some people will read it and notice it says “…about the product.”

    Saying “This did not work for me,” and “this product does not work,” is saying two completely different things.

  46. Diana Share says:

    Don’t waste your money. I only have about 12lbs to lose. I thought this would help with hunger, it has not, only given me lose stools.
    There are much cheaper and easier ways to fill your stomach with healthy fibre.

    • Jada Sachs says:

      Try Xanathan Guar Gum Diet Recipe on Amazon Kindle download and Ebay. Its not the same thing at all, but has a similar effect on the stomach, and loads cheaper.

  47. temper s. says:

    one day, the day will come – a company will shoot my wife and neither I will able to say nor can I report to police that because I would signed (agreed) on their terms and condition not to speak that anyone !
    It is absoulately against of law and constituion of USA, no one individual or organization is above of the constitution and can not breach those laws. This matter must be brought to the Supreme Court.

    • Kathy says:

      I think you make a very good point here. I just don’t know that being unethical is the same thing as illegal. I am trying the stuff again and, as usual, I will report how it goes….

    • kris says:

      Oh my!
      After reading the terms and conditions, I fully agree that this impinges on our right to free speech. I am NOT a customer, so they can suck rocks!
      Here is a little info from the BBB (I think this might just be Florida but I am not certain; there are multiple locations) and I would be extremely wary of purchasing this since they very clearly state in their terms that there is no refund, even if there is a shipping issue, and so on. (I’ll put in a link for that as well) It is laughable and quite frankly, I would spend my money on WW or just start following the government food and nutrition guidelines.

      And the terms: https://www.rocalabs.com/en/Terms.aspx
      These you HAVE to read! Absolutely laughable! BTW, ROCA LABS, YOUR TERMS SUCK! Just my opinion and try to sue me for that!

  48. Skully says:

    Dear Kathy - 
I’ve been reading your blog.  I applaud your attempts to allow an open forum on this very private and difficult subject.  I, too, have been so very, very tempted by the RL Formula, or as one of your fellow bloggers called it; The Holy Grail of Weight Loss – Wouldn’t it be nice?   Well, in analyzing your blog – by itself  - the common thread is that we all just want to believe that this will finally fix us –  regardless of the evidence, or in this case – the LACK of evidence. This is the reason that companies like RLabs exist!
    Another pertinent question would be:  Why do you think they are working so hard to control us (cite: the email threats to sue anyone who even suggests a negative point of view and  gag orders as a condition of sale AND the fact that their tactics are working as none of us can find objective information regarding the product!!!!)? – Is this in and of itself, not enough to raise a red flag or two?  It’s all about riding the “Cash-Cow” by taking advantage of desperate people who are looking for that “Magic Bullet.”   Honestly, and sadly for those of us who are desperate, there isn’t one.  
The even more serious issue here is that Roca Labs require us to surrender our 1st amendment rights as a term of agreement!!????  Does no one see a problem with that?  Who are these people, the Gestapo?  Personally, I don’t care how much the product costs in dollars – but surrendering my Constitutional Rights is too high a price.  Once that starts, where does it stop? When people finally figure out the truth – Roca Labs will have ridden away, laughing into the sunset, with billions of dollars stuffed in their pockets and our constitution left in ashes behind them.  The really insidious part of this farce is that they can get away with it because they are a private corporation – not our government.  All they need do is point to the terms and conditions of sale and say, “Hey, look, THEY clicked on the tiny box at the bottom which means they agreed to it, fully informed – therefore, it’s not our problem.”   – - – - – Classic example of being legal and yet, not ethical.
On to the investigation.   Because I couldn’t find info about the product itself, I went after the ingredients.  I found this on guar gum, which is one of the active components of this RLab therapy.  It was retrieved from the doctor’s reference database on the web – (a very reliable source – but again, not my information and not an endorsement – just information). Also,  this information is not intended for substantiation for or against any particular company,  it is simply already known information about particular substances that I freely share to help those who may wish to make an informed choice.  I noticed one of your bloggers is a General Practitioner.  Maybe you could ask her to use her resources to do the same. Or better yet, maybe some of you who have questions could do as I did and investigate the ingredients. Anyway, this is what the site I found had to offer. Good luck to all of you in the search for the Holy Grail – I’m not convinced that this is it.
    DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS: Over-the-counter dietary supplements are widely used by individuals attempting to lose weight, but evidence to support their efficacy and safety are limited. Examples of dietary supplements include ephedra (described above, no longer available), green tea, chromium, chitosan, and guar gum.
Guar gum preparations derived from the Indian cluster bean have been promoted as weight reduction agents. The presumed mechanism of action is an increase in the viscosity of gastric contents, leading to a feeling of postprandial fullness. However, in a meta-analysis of 20 clinical trials, guar gum was not effective for weight loss and caused adverse events such as abdominal pain, flatulence, and diarrhea.
Conclusions from a 2004 review of available dietary supplements were as follows:
 Chitosan and guar gum are ineffective for weight loss, and their use should be discouraged.

    Evidence and safety data are unclear for chromium, ginseng, glucomannan, green tea, hydroxycitric acid, L-carnitine, psyllium, pyruvate supplements, St. John’s wort, and conjugated linoleic acid. 

    • Debron J says:

      As everyone knows, I am a dedicated reader of What’s Up With Roca Labs because I have had success. I also have my own blog as well.

      After reading your post, what is your point? Guar Gum is NOT the only ingredient in the formula, so even if by itself it has not been proven to be a help in weight loss, there are other uses for it. You failed to mention that Guar Gum has been effective in lowering cholesterol and diabetes, which are two problems that a lot of overweight people do have.

      Like I have said in other postings, I have actually read the Terms and Conditions and I did so over and over. They are not saying that they will prosecute you for sharing your experience, just don’t BASH the product. Remember, there is a difference between saying “This does not work for me” and saying “This is a scam – it did not work.” Obviously, it is not a scam, especially since there are people still buying the product and there are people having success with it.

      Debron J

  49. kharloi says:

    You know what, I honestly think that rocalabs is the only thing I’ve used that actually work, and it was the only thing that saved me from my deteriorating self-confidence because of obesity. This is the only weight loss product that has literally turned my life around. Believe me, I have tried every diet on the market (Atkins, South beach, and others) none of them worked on me and I just spent my days thinking when will my athlete body be back, because these other diets just made me loose weight for a while and then I’d just inflate like a balloon again because my body got used to the diet. With rocalabs it’s different! The weight I lost just didn’t return. I just kept on loosing it until I reached my ideal weight, No matter how many call it scam, or whatever, I’d totally defend rocalabs. This product did not only made me lose weight, it brought back my life and my appetite for living a life that I deserve to live. A happier and healthier life!

  50. rob says:

    I have been going through the process of gastric bypass in ontario, canada. It is a lengthly process and i am coming up to my surgery date. I am worried about this surgery and i am actively looking for an alternative to it. The process that the government makes us go through is very informative. I have had to adjust my eating habits and really make life long changes. If you dont make these changes, the government will not pay for the procedure.

    I have seen all the positive ads for the product, i have only found 1 other site than this showing negative thoughts, and that sight really was about someones feelings about the weight loss being to fast to quickly. Thats the desired results of the tha gastric bypass. This product is advertised as a gastric bypass alternative. So that would be the results i am looking for.

    Anyone who reads this blog that has finished the products 4 month plan, please post your results. My brother in law had the sleeve procedure and has lost 120 lbs in 7 months. Im very curious to hear from those that have finished the program.

    • judy says:

      Hi Rob, I too have been reading all the post and I live in Ontario as well. I have had success with the product but due to other health issues I cannot take anymore at this time. Which sucks because I have a bag still, I guess I will put aside or maybe try to resell due to the fact that many people would like to try a month -two as pre-trial.
      I did find it worked for me and its all about mixing the formula correctly..it really made me full and cut my consumption and the sweet cravings decreased..and boy, that was a challenge for me until I started. I can only talk about my own experience- as for me I was able to lose a total of 25lbs in the 2months I took roca lab

      • Rob says:

        Thanks Judy,

        Would you be interested in selling wha tyou have left so I could try it?

        • Kathy says:

          I am sorry, Rob. I do not want this site to be a place where you can buy the product from other users that don’t want to use all of it. I hope you understand.

  51. Keith says:

    It seems common sense to me that if you had a product which helped 90% lose weight the last thing you would need to do is spend so much money buying web sites and suing people. After all in this over weight nation is a safe weight loss product that works the proverbial “better mouse trap”. Why would a company need to spend so much money advertising a product millions are looking for? Doesn’t make any sense, perhaps it’s true that if it looks too good to be true it isn’t.

  52. Jo says:

    Dear Kathy and everyone that posted here…..THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    I was unaware that the youtube videos were paid advertisments until I followed the posts. Also I would have never read the terms and agreements in as great a length as I did had it not been for the information provided to me by all of you. I had my credit card out and was ready to purchase this product. Thankfully I didn’t use it. I kept searching for an honest unscripted testimonial about this product and because of Kathy I believe I have found it. There is nothing wrong about stating your opinions about any product and as consumers we have the desire to know the truth about any product we purchase and consume. No one wants to waste their hard earned money and be sold false hopes. I have never heard of any business or company having the right to sue or bring legal action against a consumer. I will forever fully investigate any online business more closely because of this wonderful forum you created….Once again thank you for your honesty and making me aware.

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Jo,
      I am glad the site helped you to be careful about the terms and conditions this company writes to consumers. There are so many things that you worte about here that I entirely agree on. I appreciate you letting me know it helped.
      I bought the product over a year ago and tried it four times. I was not successful any of the times I tried. I have now gone back to WW and have lost about 12 pounds in 2 months. I am not going to throw out the product I have left, but I also am not sure if I will be trying it again.


      • Debron J says:

        Hi Kathy,

        I have saw others that use RL and WW together. I saw someone mention that the WW points for RL is 0. You just count whatever you mix it with. :)

        Good luck!

  53. Rose says:

    I have just started to take the roca lab formula and it is working for me I have lost 8 lbs in 9 days. Personally I don’t believe it is a scam. I am NOT an employee of rosa lab eather.

  54. Jenna says:

    Well I have just ordered it, on impulse a client of mine has just lost 3.5 stone in six months and gone from a size 18 to a size 10 (uk). She looked great, although upon reading this Im well worried as it does sound all too good to be true, however this lady was living proof, will update.

  55. Lourdes says:

    @ Kathy.

    I want to tryt his product but I’m kind of holding back because of the cost. You mentioned you will not throw your product away nor will be using it again. Will you consider selling the unused product? I really do not want to spend 500 bucks and not like the taste of it considering its all fiber.


    • Kathy says:

      write back to me at the foxxmolder@aol.com address and we can talk.

    • Kathy says:

      hi there,
      I still have bags of the product left…
      I will NOT be selling my leftovers since the expiration date has been reached and I don’t want the responsibility of any problems with the stuff having gone “bad”. There are other reasons this stuff seems “bad” so I don’t want to add this to the list;)

  56. Rick says:

    I have not been on the Roca labs for very long about three weeks I guess. For me it’s doing exactly what I needed something to do keep me from feeling hungry so that I can focus on my dieting and eating more sensibly. My wife had bypass and my daughter-in-law the lap band and after seeing what the two of them went through anything that will prevent surgery is good with me. The idea of throwing up every time you eat something that doesn’t agree with you after the surgery is not my idea of a good way to lose weight! Yes they have both been very successful in the amount of weight they lost, but I think you have to approach this the same way you would a bypass, in that you should probably take extra protein, multivitamins and the other assorted things they recommend for bypass and lap band clients. I read a lot of complaints about the taste on this posting and I will admit it’s not delicious but I have used diet aids that taste far worse. Most of the protein supplements liquid vitamins etc. that they recommend for gastric bypass patients are horrendous also. If I happen the not carry through with this yes I’ll be upset I lost $500, but I know several people that have had the bypass surgery spending thousands of dollars and after the initial success have eaten their way right up to their weight prior to the surgery. As the doctor that did my wife surgery said, bypass, lap band, diet drugs, all these things are simply tools to use in the weight loss journey, and absolutely none of them will be successful if the person using the process is not dedicated to success. So for some this particular product is not the answer, for some it is exactly what they need for the tool for their success. I hope we are all able to find whatever tool we need to succeed in our weight loss journey. Just for the info earlier in my life I did lose over 100 pounds, It off until after debilitating car accident, at which point I proceeded to put all that weight on plus about that much extra, so that is where I am starting from now.