Oops! Made a major mistake about the years on here…

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Is THIS company still around and taking our $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$????

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Almost a year later since ordering Rocalabs formula…

Hi Everyone!

It has been close to a year since I first discovered Rocalabs and their formula that acts like gastric bipass surgery.  What a trip it has been!  I willl try not to repeat myself from all the other posts I have written. 

First off, THANK YOU for your support and comments along the way.  I had to deal with lawyers and at times the stress was difficult.  At this time, I have tried the diet four different times and I have had little success.  I have 60 pounds to lose, more then a year ago, and so discouraging it is.  I am not sure if another try is in my future.  I will not throw out what is left, or sell it, because I am not a quitter.  Maybe the formula might work along with another diet that I find.  Not sure.

I would like this post to be reserved for people who have been on Rocalabs OVER THREE MONTHS.  Since this has been available in the states now for about a year, I want this group of comments to be for those who have had the expereince with this diet for longer then just a week or 2.  Please feel free to post any beginning comments on any other post.  I usually write back to everyone or respond on this site.  I have no problem talking over the phone with anyone who would like that kind of communication.

My best to everyone fighting the weight loss fight!

Kathy Smith, West Hartford, CT

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My legal troubles with Roca Labs

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I may be sued for $300,000.  It has to do with “the constitutional protection of free speech” and how it is not unlimited.  “Negative postings by those who falsely represent that they possess nutritional or medical expertise” is something they have written to me.  I am NOT an expert on weight loss.  I have NO expertise about weight loss, except the training I received as a cashier at weight watchers once I hit goal weight back in 1997.   The letter states that I “carelessly expose other customers to liability by soliciting them to post disparaging comments on her blog site, thereby breaching their own non-disparagement agreements.”  I wanted this stated here so you all have the chance to remember what you signed…..

As explained, this is not a suit right now, it is a letter that they are gathering proof to measure the damages, and to send a demand letter.  Please read terms and conditions on the Roca Labs site, before you order the diet aid.

Any comments about this subject are welcome here!



ps.  I will state once again that when I ordered the powder in April, 2011 there was absolutely NOTHING written about not writing on the internet anything negative.  They sent me what they thought were the terms and conditions at that time.  The terms I received were not accurate to the time I ordered the formula.

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Now One week later on third attempt…

Not sure how Danille is doing so far.  I have lost a pound more and haven’t taken the stuff for two days now.  I hope to be back on schedule tomorrow that is Saturday and an “official” Weigh in of one week.  I drank so much water the first five days that I sort of felt like I was drowning and that is why I skipped it for 2 days.  I hope writing this out here will help me commit to it.  How are you doing Danielle?

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My THIRD attempt and D’s First

It is October 4, 2011 and I have tried since last Friday to use the formula and lose weight.  Maybe Three’s a charm!

I was 188.5 last week (3 or 4 pounds more then when I first got the stuff in April and tried for the first time).  Here it is 5 days later and I am glad to report that I have lost about 3.  I know everyone says it is water weight the first week..but who cares!! it is nice to see it show up on the scale.

My goal weight is 140 at this time next year.  My motivation is my 30th high school reunion next year.

D wrote to me last week when she first got her package.  She and I are going to make a go of this together.  Any one who is new at this and would like to join this post…. feel free.  D………… could you catch us all up on how you decided to buy this, any reservations you had, your goal, or anything at all you would like to write here?  Thanks for doing this with me, maybe we can help each other.

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Let’s talk money: your cold, hard CASH


I have pretty much avoided this topic here, but I think it is worth talking about. Please respond with your opinions and if you ever have had the same thoughts about Roca Labs and “The Formula”, or another opinion I would welcome hearing about it.

The formula costs between $450 and $500.  I am still trying to figure out the place on the site that says the cost is $1,580 for the formula and support.  It has something to do with the cost is NOW 1/3 that price since they are new to America and they wish to gain a large number of of customers with a high success rate.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  That part of the contract is also the place where you are told you are not allowed to speak negative things about the product or they will take legal action against you.  They are clear in numerous places in the disclaimer that you should in no way purchase their product if you can not agree to their terms. 

Back to the cost….  I think most people looking at this product have considered surgery since that is where they post ads.  Surgery prices are usually up in the thousands so I think mentally I felt “just” $500 was a great deal to get the same results.  In a strange sort of way I also thought such a big price tag also meant it MUST be good to be that expensive.  Sort of like if it was $80 it is not going to work, but if it is $300 (or more)…… it must work.  The more you pay, the more it is worth.  (supposedly).  A friend told me a story that happened about 30 years ago.  There was some beer company that came out with a new beer that was priced the lowest in the country.  They felt it also tasted great.  No one bought it.  They decided to up the price 3 times as much and it sold.  The same beer!  I have not confirmed this story, and if anyone can tell me more specifics, I would welcome it.

Let’s talk Utube videos.  As discussed in the disclaimer statement, once you order the product, use it, succeed at it, and talk/tape postitive statements about it, the company will give you half your money back. Hmmmmmmmmmm….

My opinion is there are probably one or two or 30 videos out there that aren’t 100% honest, but possibly not done if about $250 weren’t on the table.  But again, I have no idea if this is true or not.  Just thinking about it….

What I would like to say is “The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away.”  A saying a friend told me when I discussed the disclaimer agreement with him.  The reason I am writing about this company is I was at a point of wondering whether to try it or not and I am not sure if I would have made the same decision if I was more aware.  Or is that “were more?”

What chance is there of US consumers reading the 6 pages, single typed, 27 topics in the Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers Agreement????  That same friend from the above paragraph answered, “Fat, slim, and None.”  I didn’t get it at first…….but FAT chance, slim………..  y’know.

 This week I will be taking the product for the third try in 6 months.  I will let you know how it goes……..

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About cease and desist letters and such from Isreal

I found this blog while searching for info about this diet goop………

PLEASE NOTE:  (today is Tuesday, September 27,2011)

There seems to be some confusion about what is written below here.  This is NOT about MY cease and desist letter discussion.  This was copied from another site and I thought the information was important to copy here on my site.  This was way back in April when I first bought the product, used it, and started this site.  In the last few days I have received my OWN cease and desist letter and I will be letting you all know how it is going and what is my next move.  Once again, I want to stress that I did NOT sign an agreement with this company that I would not write negative things about the product.  When I bought the stuff in April, they did NOT have a 6 page disclaimer on their site.  It was VERY different back six months ago then it is now!  I will share with you now a few sentences out of that 6 page disclaimer that you are committing to once you push the “AGREE” consumer button when you pay your $500.

I will leave out the legal-word-jumble and just state it in “regular person language.”:

1)  There are no warranties and no refunds under any circmstance once you open your package.

2)  You agree, if you do not have positive results with “the formula”, you won’t do anything like speak or blog any bad comments about the stuff or the company.

3)  There will NOT be a lot of phone contact involved with their company.  You agree that all contact will be in writing with the customer care department via the Website ONLY.

4)  There are six points they make regarding a health disclaimer.  I will refrain from listing them here, but I encourage you to look at this part closely….. In my opinion you have to do a lot of work regarding health issues after using it and this includes something like giving the company all your medical records in the last five years. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

5)  Be aware that they specifically let you know that no clinical study has been done on this product.

6)  You are not permitted to make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau about this company or product.  (page 4, 11th paragraph down)

7)  The formula is not associated with any insurance companies.  The discount is is associated with some sort of marketing thing they do.  (don’t really undestand this one)

8)  They can demand polygraph and psychological testing in any legal proceeding.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are over 700 sentences in their disclaimer agreement right now and I pulled out 8 (eight) of them.  Suffice is to say, there are tons more, but as we all know it is somewhat unrealistic that all of us are going to READ line by line 600 sentences.  I am still checking the law to see if I am in my rights to pull out 8 sentences and post them on this site.  I guess I could go back and paraphase them…… and not copy…. I will think about this…………  Yes.  I went back and used my own words so as to not copy any of their materieal.  I am sure I will hear if I have broken any copywriting laws here.


Now here are the paragraphs I photocopied from another site:

I have had difficulty finding it now.  I have a feeling they decided to take it down after getting their Cease and Desisit letter.

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My first day(s) on Roca Labs…

After reading this, please write back if you are interested in hearing about more days on this gunk.

This story begins a few weeks back when I was researching surgeries for weight loss.  My friend, Chris, had it done in August and has lost 90 pounds!  He will be visiting this blog to leave his comments and thoughts.  I found this “new” method available now in the United States since January and went on an all out search for information before paying about $500.

I found a vitamin site that had 52 comments about this and I added my own comments that I would try it and report back.  Well…….. by coincidence, this information on the site was shut down the day after I posted.  I will share more details about this subject as this blog continues.
You will have to go to the Labs site on your own to read up on everything there is to know about this gunk, goop, or how they title it….. Formula.  All you have to do is search Roca Labs.   Depending on my mood I will use any of these things to describe it, including, “stuff”.   
I have been fighting this war with weight for years and have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Adkins, South Beach, diet pills, etc. etc. etc.  I have not tried surgery, but as mentioned at the start Chris has, with fantastic results.
Once I spoke about it, another friend’s comment was…. “There is no way this would work….and if it did, it would quickly become the Holy Grail of Weight Loss.”
I received the box.  When I picked it up from outside my first thought was “it’s heavier then I thought it would be.”  And then as I brought it inside I noticed a HUGE black bug on the top of the box.  I think I looked extremely silly as I walked through the living room clobbering the box 3 or 4 times, all the while trying to not drop the box and also make sure the bug did not take up residence in my home.  I swear…I can’t make this stuff up!  I said to myself….”shit.  I hope this in not an omen to how this is going to work for me.  If it is, this stuff is going to SUCK.”
Let me go back and speak of the ordering phase of this stuff.  I have checked out their site often and sometimes a notice shows up that says, “SOLD OUT – please try back in 10 days.  (or 5 days or 3 days…)  I am not sure how much I believe this.  Everyone knows you are more likely to want something if you can’t get it.  I ordered this past Sunday and received it today…. Thursday, April 7, 2011. 
When you order, if you include your health insurance company, they discount the formula 20%.  In my opinion, everyone gets this discount no matter what, since I filled in “other” (It wasn’t on the list of 50 or 60 companies) and they didn’t come back with wanting to know WHICH one I had.  BTW…. Connecticare.  The total bill was $440 – I paid with Paypal.
I noticed the packaging when I opened the box.  Pretty lavender tissue paper, flavorings in a nice pouch with ribbon to pull it shut, around 24 packets of flavorings, crystal light mix, a container to measure and mix The Holy Grail of weight loss, a container to keep fresh what you haven’t mixed yet, and what else?  Oh yes…. 6 pages of instructions that you are asked to read over three times before starting.  With a lot of things in life, I do as I am told, so I reread often….only cheating slightly.  When I did cheat in the reading it was only because I was anxious to mix the stuff together and try it already.
So here we are…
I will go get it prepared and try it!  See you back here in about an hour, I think.
Oh my.  NOT good news.  I decided to prepare it with the procedure to turn it into a solid rather then drink it as a liquid.  I used a spoon and this gunk was GROSS.  Think a pudding consistency with a flavor of cough medicine.  I used mostly water and a cup or so of Juicy Juice.  The instructions say to shake vigorously and let stand 3 minutes.  I decided to use the solid form since the instructions say results are better this way.  Well………..  the results will suck if I can’t get the stuff down my throat.
It took me more then 15 minutes to eat/drink the full 300ml.  I finally had to add more water and juice to the concoction in order to get it all down.  I am not going to throw in the towel yet, but I just won’t use the solid way of having it anytime soon.
Now I am off to my first meal since using this formula.  I am going to be with Chris so we will probably share a meal.
I’m home.  I had three LARGE glasses of water with lemon during dinner.  This surprised me since I usually find it difficult to drink that much.  (Like when I was on Weight Watchers, they suggested eight glasses a day, and I always had trouble getting in all of them.)  I actually felt thirsty during the evening.  Chris and I ordered a burger and we split it.  I also had a side salad, and lots of potato chips, very salty.
I am off to sleep soon.  For the first time in a long time, I don’t think I am going to eat anymore tonight.  (This sentence can only be verified tomorrow when I write.)  I am a middle of the night snacker and have been known to devour a sleeve of girl scout cookies, or 4 packets of fruit snacks, or a LARGE slice of Entamenns (sp?) Raspberry crumbcake…..Wish me luck!
Ps.  My weight is 185.  Chris, he’ll come up a lot here so remember he is the one who went the surgery route, always jokes about the BMI charts and me.  He says…. “Look Kath, the chart doesn’t say you are overweight.”   Long pause as a grin takes over his face ……then  “It says you are obese.”   Smile Smile…Chuckle Chuckle…. I love this guy!
Update:  Above was written back before the summer.  It is now the end of September and I am going onto my third try at losing weight with the formula.  I hope this attempt will be better then the other two attempts.  I think I am more ready to drink/eat the formula and drink the water I need to drink to be successful.  I will keep you all up to date. 
My weight is 189 right now and the frustration and sadness I have is out of control.  I am fast approaching that sickening and horrible weight of 200.  Since I don’t want that I will try harder with Roca Labs and follow their instructions to the tee.  Wish me luck!!!
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Aren’t hunger pains nature’s way to tell us we need to eat?

I have used this product for about 2 weeks now and have had weight loss.  (about 6 pounds)  It is true that the feelings you get once you fill your stomach with the gunk each morning cause you to eat much less and you feel sort of sick if you eat a full meal.  (like surgery?… not sure.)  But what if we are not eating enough each day?  How are we to know?  Am I starving myself and not knowing it since there are so “signals” from my brain?  Please comment.

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