all KIDS get to open their presents, eat candy, laugh, sing and just BE KIDS.

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make National Secret Day! one day where kids “officially” can “Tell their secret.”

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remember to say, “could be better, could be worse” if somone asks you how you are doing

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“children” are any USA person who is less then 18 years old……

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ok, ladies….FORGET about weight loss….MUCH more improtant

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Oops! Made a major mistake about the years on here…

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Is THIS company still around and taking our $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$????

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Almost a year later since ordering Rocalabs formula…

Hi Everyone!

It has been close to a year since I first discovered Rocalabs and their formula that acts like gastric bipass surgery.  What a trip it has been!  I willl try not to repeat myself from all the other posts I have written. 

First off, THANK YOU for your support and comments along the way.  I had to deal with lawyers and at times the stress was difficult.  At this time, I have tried the diet four different times and I have had little success.  I have 60 pounds to lose, more then a year ago, and so discouraging it is.  I am not sure if another try is in my future.  I will not throw out what is left, or sell it, because I am not a quitter.  Maybe the formula might work along with another diet that I find.  Not sure.

I would like this post to be reserved for people who have been on Rocalabs OVER THREE MONTHS.  Since this has been available in the states now for about a year, I want this group of comments to be for those who have had the expereince with this diet for longer then just a week or 2.  Please feel free to post any beginning comments on any other post.  I usually write back to everyone or respond on this site.  I have no problem talking over the phone with anyone who would like that kind of communication.

My best to everyone fighting the weight loss fight!

Kathy Smith, West Hartford, CT

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My legal troubles with Roca Labs

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I may be sued for $300,000.  It has to do with “the constitutional protection of free speech” and how it is not unlimited.  “Negative postings by those who falsely represent that they possess nutritional or medical expertise” is something they have written to me.  I am NOT an expert on weight loss.  I have NO expertise about weight loss, except the training I received as a cashier at weight watchers once I hit goal weight back in 1997.   The letter states that I “carelessly expose other customers to liability by soliciting them to post disparaging comments on her blog site, thereby breaching their own non-disparagement agreements.”  I wanted this stated here so you all have the chance to remember what you signed…..

As explained, this is not a suit right now, it is a letter that they are gathering proof to measure the damages, and to send a demand letter.  Please read terms and conditions on the Roca Labs site, before you order the diet aid.

Any comments about this subject are welcome here!



ps.  I will state once again that when I ordered the powder in April, 2011 there was absolutely NOTHING written about not writing on the internet anything negative.  They sent me what they thought were the terms and conditions at that time.  The terms I received were not accurate to the time I ordered the formula.

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Now One week later on third attempt…

Not sure how Danille is doing so far.  I have lost a pound more and haven’t taken the stuff for two days now.  I hope to be back on schedule tomorrow that is Saturday and an “official” Weigh in of one week.  I drank so much water the first five days that I sort of felt like I was drowning and that is why I skipped it for 2 days.  I hope writing this out here will help me commit to it.  How are you doing Danielle?

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